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Sport Policy Essay

321 words - 2 pages

Sport policy
• Chapter 5 ASPH 1983-96
• 83- Hakwe govt elected 9 reformers)
• Dept of sport recreation and tourism, reintroduced
• 83- sport white paper successpr tp bloomfield
• 85- aust. Sport commission ASC created
• 87- Americas cup defence funding
• 89- AIS and ASC Merged
• Community sport a priority again- Childrens sport
• 2 key propsitions
• Elite success drives participation
• Bigger pool means better elite athletes

83 - 96
91 KEating becomes pm
Range of specific issues, drugsm state institutes, tobacco sponsorship, education, ...view middle of the document...

young people
2. Club memberships and links to schools & business
3. community education about the value of sport

Summary 20 - 71 a conservative era of benign indifferance
72-82 an intitually reformist era od radical change followed by policy reversal that ends with signinificant govt support for sport
83-03 an initially reformist era characterised by significant govt support for sport that ends with neo liberal government

Assessment 2
worth 30% group assessment 4 people
groups formed in week 3
sport organistaion policy need to choose your own sport organistaion

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