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Sport Essay

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Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more than people in other important professionals. Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair.
Sports professionals: those who been successful in sports games, champions, heroes, sports stars
Other important professionals: hard working people, specialists, scientists, managers
Unfair: injustice, bias, sort of discrimination, inequality
Fully justified: fair,
Agree | Disagree |
(KP) Many sports stars earn money than any other professionals | Professionals working harder and serve the humanity with many technological advances |
(SS) They make them stars to left their country’s pride and ...view middle of the document...

Others think this is exaggerated and unfair. In this essay, I will discuss both points of views and give my opinion.

Certainly, many sports stars earn a highly fortune of money than other professionals because they gifted with talents and passion and spent much time to practice and exercise regularly to gain success in highly competitive competitions. I think this fair, firstly, because they deserve this gift since they, beside they are helping their country to be nationally recognised and lift up its reputation. Secondly, they earn this money from abroad, which would be another advantage that would be an added value to this success, would be used to strengthen their country economy. However, despite being lucky to earn this huge amount of income, still a large part of it goes toward the spending of their clubs that recruit them.

On the other hand, it could be argued that professionals who are working harder and serve the humanity with many technological advances may get less income compared to Sports professionals. Professional like doctors spend most their lives studying to succeed in a highly competitive career with many professional milestones. These professional like doctors spend most their lives studying and work hard to succeed in a highly competitive career passing many professional milestones. Similarly, scientists spend most their time in the research laboratory to develop new technology breakthrough or product.

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