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To whom it may concern:
I am hereby writing this letter to you to seek corporate sponsorship for the ICAR-Top Speed Modified Tour 2015 race season.
Motorsports sponsorship can increase name awareness through visibility in the community, improve revenue, and employee morale. Sure, you will have your company’s name on the cars, but there are many other valuable benefits:
* You get a sanctioning body that can help network and promote your business.
* Provide exposure for your business.
* Can be utilized to improve employee morale – it will definitely be fun for you and your employees to become involved in.
Attached you will find our schedule for the 2014 season and the 2015 ...view middle of the document...

Many successful companies use motorsports sponsorship to stimulate consumer interest, which in turn, generates sales. Sponsorship also drives traffic to their web sites and increases online purchasing. This contributes to a significant rise in overall sales volume as well. * Heightening Visibility and Creating Positive Publicity Motorsports sponsorship provides wide exposure in broadcast, print and electronic media. This exposure creates positive publicity and heightens visibility of your company's products and services. The various media covering a racing event usually include sponsor names and/or photos. Additionally, the media coverage you often receive as a sponsor would prove too expensive if purchased outright, assuming it was even available. Motorsports sponsorship often generates publicity that could not have been bought. * Differentiating from Competitors The mere act of sponsoring a racing driver or team, especially an exclusive sponsorship, is a significant way to create competitor differentiation. Your company name can stand out head and shoulders above the competition. Motorsports sponsorship is a powerful weapon against a competitor with a larger advertising budget. Sponsorship allows smaller companies to compete with their industry giants, and consumers often perceive sponsorship in a positive way. Using motorsports sponsorship will give you a decided edge over your competition. * Enhancing Business, Consumer, and Employee Relations Sponsorships that offer hospitality allow companies the chance to entertain key customers and solidify business relationships. Using sponsorship in connection with a consumer rewards program increases goodwill and customer retention. Companies that use motorsports sponsorship as part of their employee reward and incentive programs experience increased productivity. Treating employees to a fun day of racing excitement is an excellent way to boost morale and to thank them for their hard work.SummaryMotorsports sponsorship is a powerful, cost-effective marketing tool. The enormous international appeal of auto racing, combined with careful planning, can elevate your company to new heights of success.

    In the mid eighties’ there was a buzz in the Central Indiana racing community about a new, affordable race car called an IMCA Modified. This car was half Open Wheel and half Stock Car and real affordable too. With the encouragement of local racers Dave Duncan, Billy Weise, Joe Beaver and Randy Burrow, local race car builder Dave Dayton built the first IMCA Modified Race Car in the Mid-West. After a year of promoting the car and racers ready to build, the big question was where can we race? Mt Lawn Speedway in New Castle, Indiana came to the rescue. Needing a new head liner class the Mods now had a home to build from.
   A few years later, with great success at Mt. Lawn, Dave Dayton formed the EMOD (Economy Modified Oval Division) traveling series, to...

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