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Homework: persuasive Speech Self-Assessment
May 3, 2014

The topic nursing was appropriate for my audience. Even though the majority of my audience. My specific purpose in the speech was to persuade my audience about the benefits of nursing and the choices in career path that they can choose. I feel that it was achieved successfully in the amount of time I had. Additionally, my thesis statement was also clearly which I am sure we can all relate to that you will ...view middle of the document...

The major functions of the speech introduction were accomplished by initially getting the attention of the audience although The conclusion reinforced the audience’s understanding of the information presented and was tied to the central idea of the benefits of nursing

Adequate research was conducted. There were four APA citations. All language presented was pronounced correctly and non-technical terms were used for overall understanding.
The presentation of my speech was not rushed. However, somewhere along my notes my cards were mixed up, however I continued and just diverted to the card I should be reading from. It was a bit difficult to maintain my concentration but I kept the flow. This is evident in the review of my speech where I can be seen looking at my notes. Appropriate pauses, pitch, tone and rate were used throughout my speech. This was evident during my introduction, and during my main points.
I was not 100% satisfied with that the speech. I spent a great deal of time practicing for this persuasive speech presentation and I feel that there was so much to cover in the materials. I was disappointed; however, that upon review of the tape I noticed myself reverting to my notes more.
I anxiously await my grade from my instructor.

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