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Southwest Airlines is America's largest low-fare carrier, serving more customers domestically than any other airline with a unique combination of low fares with no annoying fees, friendly Customer Service ...view middle of the document...

This is evident by their no-frills, low-cost model: their goal is to provide the cheapest form of short air travel between two cities; providing the bare necessities. Driven by the idea that customers can be satisfied without having expensive options available for them, Southwest Airlines have stepped on the toes of many of its bigger competitors. 
Southwest Airlines was able to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering the lowest prices. This appealed to many people who were not impressed with the additional services such as in-flight meals or wanted to avoid busy airports. Coupled with the utilization of the internet, Southwest Airlines almost became a trend, a sort of an underground hit, bypassing travel agents and their fees. Southwest Airlines provided a medium in which city-to-city transportation was possible with the lowest costs. 
Company culture
"The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit." By dedicating their company decisions to fulfilling that mission, Southwest's customer service ratings earned a 33.9% "Excellent" rating and only 3.3% "Poor."
In comparison to the other airlines on the list:
* At #82 on the list, United earned 19.7% "Excellent" versus 5.1% "Poor."
* At #84, American Airlines earned 18.9% "Excellent" and 6.4% "Poor."
* At #90, Delta earned 17.7% "Excellent" and 10.2% "Poor."
* At #100, US Airways earned 13.6% "Excellent" and 7.5% "Poor."
Competitor Analysis
A survey by the Temkin Group compared nine US airlines on the quality of their customer experience -- the sum of all experiences and interactions a customer has with a brand. The strategy of focusing on customer experience is built around the needs of the individual customer over the lifetime of the customer-brand relationship.

Temkin's survey ranked each airline on the criteria of functionality (how well experiences meet customer needs), accessibility (how easy it is for customers to do what they want to do), and emotion (how customers feel about the experience).

* For overall customer experience, Southwest and Alaska Airlines tied the top spot at 68%, 8 points above the average rating for the airline industry as a whole. In comparison, US Airways earned a rating of just 45%, and was the lowest ranked company in the complete survey of 246 companies in 19 industries.
* Broken down by criteria, Southwest led the pack in functionality and accessibility, while Alaska Airlines took the top spot for emotion -- meaning Alaska made customers feel good, but Southwest fulfilled their needs and goals.

Marketing & Service Mix

* Main product of southwest airline is its air transportation to the passengers with in the US. It does not offer direct flights to the locations outside the United States.
* A southwest airline claims that it offers tickets to the passenger...

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