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Sources Of Power Essay

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Power Sources and Tactics


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Sources of Power

The term power implies proprietorship of authority over other individuals. As a tool, power can result in a constructive or destructive development in an organization. In my first job as a soldier, I happened to work in an organization in which I was impressed with frontrunner who I worked under, Mrs. Desai. Both charisma and humor were attributes she possessed and it is with no doubt that all of us looked up to her. (Fairholm G W. 2009)

Mrs. Desai was a beautiful and possessed all the qualities of femininity that a man would want and she was not the type that a man ...view middle of the document...

The pending decision would be dropped if it was not comfy to the majority. She used coherent persuasion if she wanted to get a full report on issues at hand.

Besides, she used legitimacy as her power tactics. She wished that the organization be free from corruption and fraud. Bribery was underscored as one of the most serious crimes in the organization and this reduced the number of complaints that were brought in following delayed and denied justice. Everybody had an equal chance for all opportunities that arose in the organization. Personally, equality shunted me towards dedicated loyalty (Habeeb. W M. 2010). Mrs. Desai exercised exchange in the organization. Extra-duties she allocated were rewarding. Both parties got what they wished for- a tactic that empowered the charismatic nature and thus her referent power as well.

More often than not, appeals could be made by our group representatives to have certain decisions changed in our favor. These power tactics are in line with those described in Anderson (1998) and Nair (2010). By and large, Mrs. Desai had good use of power. Everybody wished...

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