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Sources Essay

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The main sources of mass media in the 1900’s were newspaper, magazines, and radio. In the mid 1900’s the radio was more announced and more radio stations emerged. In the late 1900’s, the introduction of computers came about, the rise of internet, portable computers, videos and DVDS came out, introduction of cable, satellite TV, and compact disks. ...view middle of the document...

The process just keeps growing with the development of computers to internet to mobile phones. The whole process of media keeps growing; it gets better and gets faster. Individuals want to be aware and informed as soon as possible when something tragic happens, and the time frame of finding out is shorter and shorter. The present day there are many forms of mass media, as soon as something major happens, we can flip on the television or flip on the internet and it’s right there before our eyes, the whole story on who and what was involved, back then it might have been a week or so before any one had known what happened. Also, many people in the old days flipped through the radio to hear details on the ongoing war. I remember when I was old enough to get my first cell phone, my grandpa would sit and tell me, how he wished they would have has the opportunity to have them when he was growing up, something’s might have turned out differently than they did.

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