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Sorry For The Loss Essay

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”Once you label me you negate me.” a quote by Søren Kierkegaard which is identical with ”Sorry for the loss” We’re introduced to a rough environment and in the beginning of the novel. We have a sterotypical image of a prisoner. We label them as criminal and killers. However, throughout the novel. We will gain a better understanding of people and how our stereotypes don’t match reality.

written by Bridget Keehan starts in medias res. We’re thrown directly into the story. We follow a third person narrator with a restricted point of view. The narrator does not participate in the story, however, tells” Sorry for the Loss. It means that the narrator doesn’t have access to the thoughts of ...view middle of the document...

She expected a more typical reaction such as upset and maybe crying, but not Victor that makes her feel that she failed to deliver the death notice properly. She tries to make Victor pray for his deceased Nan, however, Victor doesn’t feel to pray or show his feelings. Evie tries to start a conversation, however, that are not much to talk about in the cell. There are pictures of half nude women. She decides to talk about religion. When Victor starts talking about the Imam who is the religious leader of the Muslims. She feels jealous and wonder if someone says that she is a wonderful Catholic Chaplain. It annoys her that Victor doesn't feel she is helpful and insightful. She gets anxious to leave the cell. She feels she could have done more to help Victor. She feels that he is putting up a facade to hide his feelings. When Evie has to take a walk through the prison. She sees the prison as intimidating and harsh, she says a prayer to god and she feels better the prayer.
”As she prays she feels comforted as though a fleece, gentle and soft, were enveloping her” (P.2, L 36-37)
When she prays she feels like she is in contact with god. The fact that, she feels someone or something gentle and soft covering her in other words, her prayers were answers immediately as a result of she is a religious person.
“ She wonders if this is similar to the feeling junkies enjoy on heroin. She has heard some of the men describe it as like being wrapped in cotton wool, "all warm and lovely" (P.2, L 38-39)
She puts her feeling of gently and soft enveloping in contrast with junkies, who just received their doses. She compares the “all warm and lovely” feeling with her “fleece, gentle and soft, were enveloping her”
When she gets to The arch window at the E wing, when suddenly the officer who led her into Victor's cell stands right behind her. She asks the officer, what caused such young and intelligent manage to get in prison. He tells her, that Victor stabbed a pupil with a butterfly knife.

Victor is the young male who is receiving a death notice from the Catholic Chaplain. Victor is being characterized through his behaviour and speech. We as the reader has to make our own assumption alongside the information we receive from Evie.
We know that Victor is a young boy who barely looks old enough to be in a prison from Evie. She says "slight, good-looking boy who appears barely old enough to even be in an adult prison" (P.3, L 75-76) He stands in contrast to what we think or hear of an inmate, however, he has already served 5 years in prison. When he meets Evie for the first time he is uncertain for her visit. However, he asks if she is from SORRY course. He sends an application for SORRY. It may be an inmate project. The inmate, who has deeply regretted his...

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