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Sony Barcelona Plant (A) Essay

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Sony Barcelona Plant (A)
This paper is written to analysis the case of “Sony Barcelona Plant (A)”. This case is mainly to discuss how was going on in new strategy plan in Europe plants. In this report, there have some of main topics will be discussed which are including that what factors causes STAR project difficult to complete smoothly, how to define a new strategy, what are Information system problems, what are the different opinions in changing the Information system and why to select Oracle ERP Suite. Then, some recommendations will be provided at the end as well.
What factors causes STAR project difficult to complete smoothly?
1. According to different real situation or environment, there were different needs among the different plants which made it difficult to create the synthesis hoped ...view middle of the document...

Improving materials and resource planning and shortening the “time-to-market” and “time-to-delivery” cycles; 4.Reduce inventory costs and improve material planning; 5.Increase collaboration with suppliers; 6.Develop transversal processes for each production line; 7.Each plant focuses on the market situation in its geographic area; 8.Share knowledge and procedures among plants to increase their efficiency and productivity.
What are Information system problems?
1.The system did not support purchasing by “part numbers” marking it use very complex; 2.Plant systems were oriented towards “Process Automation”; 3.System was difficult to use due to the system cannot made the information available in real time; 4.Every report-generating system belonged to a separate production area.
What are the different opinions in changing the Information system?
1. Improving and adapting the system; 2.Replace the new system; 3.Buying a market application or building a tailor-made system; 4.Work at the conceptual level to reorganize logistics and factory production and gather in all this knowledge; 5.Need to consider the cost of information systems.
Why to select Oracle ERP Suite?
Compare with SAP, the Oracle had better programming tools to adapting the system, it also had well-defined updating means that is good for adapt to market changes.
1. The new strategy has to consider flexible and efficiencies as well as cost in the implementation; 2.The new strategy need to maintain each plant in the different real market situations to make it more suitable; 3.Always to improve and update the information system to make it easier to use and efficiencies; 4.Create the connection to share the knowledge or resources in each plant; 5.Carefully to choice the software or technologies in the implementation of new strategy; 6. Be careful to evaluate consultant’s expert or experience when select consultant support.

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