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Sony Essay

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“The name Sony derives from the Latin word sonus meaning sound and the English word sonny-boy – a term used by the Americans in the 1950’s to denote a bright youngster.” Sony was originally called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company) and was founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. (The History of the Sony Corporation) In 1958 they changed their name to Sony Corporation because it was easier to pronounce in any language and according to Ibuka the name emphasizes the company’s founding prospectus of the spirit of freedom and open-mindedness. (Sony Corp. Info) Sony concentrates its business efforts towards achieving corporate social responsibility, ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, Morita believed that the most valuable part any company is built around the process of recruiting, selecting, training and appraising employees. Moreover, managers are encouraged to develop healthy relationships with their employees to create a family like atmosphere. It is encouraged to share a sense of fate among all employees. Additionally, Morita emphasized to new personnel to seek out happiness in his/her work and to choose individually whether to devote their working life to Sony. (RAO)
Sony has a robust community relations program. According to the Sony’s community involvement website they support a diverse set of programs and initiatives that are designed to enhance the quality of life in all of the communities in which they operate. Since 2009, Sony Corporation of America has been the lead sponsor of the Carnegie Hall Musical Exchange, used to connect students online globally to provide mentorship and develop talent; the service is provided free online. Furthermore, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Electronics both support City Year, designed to keep students at risk of dropping out of school on the right track. City Year is an organization that operates full-time year around and is used to unite young people from all backgrounds. Similarly, Sony Pictures Entertainment does a lot for the art and arts education. The company has helped to launch and be an endowment for programs such as the Sony Pictures Media Arts Program, Los Angeles County Regional Blueprint for Arts Education initiative. In addition, they annually support the Imageworks Professional Academic Excellence program which is a student scholarship program intended to build relationships with academic programs and grow future generations of digital talent. In addition, Sony Electronics concentrates is efforts on education, each year they donate equipment to academic non-profits and educational organizations, including major colleges and universities. In addition they also fund organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. (COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT)
“Road to Zero”, this is Sony’s global environmental plan. Launched in 2010, Sony plans to achieve a zero environmental footprint by 2050 that means they plan to reduce the environmental footprint of its corporate activities and Sony products throughout their life cycle to zero by 2050. Additionally, they are focusing their efforts in four key areas, climate change, resource conservation, chemical management and biodiversity. To this end, they have targeted 2015 as its midterm target by determining desirable levels for 2015 and analyzing these figures for actual forecast. What is more, Sony has identified targets in the area of climate change, they wish to conduct research and improvement products that can create and store energy autonomously, shrink annual energy consumption per product by 30%, establish a method that will quantity greenhouse gas emissions, decrease greenhouse gas emissions...

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