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Something Bigger Than You And I

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Something Bigger Then You and I
The Story of JR

By: Angelenia Cannizzaro-Ndrecaj
In loving memory of Nichols Sumner
Juvenile Delinquents come in all shapes sizes and colors, there is no one way to describe a “Juvenile Delinquent”. There are many theories on how a child emerges into a juvenile delinquent. However to pinpoint one upbringing or another will cause a juvenile delinquent no one can really say. Juvenile delinquents are minors, usually defined as being between the ages of 10 and 18, who have committed some act that violates the law. These acts aren't called “crimes” as they would be for adults. Rather, crimes committed by ...view middle of the document...

JR was a young man who began his journey of juvenile delinquency at the age of 13. Little did he know he was starting a 13 year steak of addiction and hell on earth. Born into a quaint suburban family in Turnersville NJ, JR was nothing sort of your average boy. A loving kind normal mother, 2 loving siblings and Father. Now his father was a 36yr recovering alcoholic but he was making it. Nothing out of the ordinary at home. They were not exceptionally wealthy but they had everything they needed. However JR began having feelings of discontent and feeling of worthlessness. This began soon after the band he was in with his brother broke up music was everything to JR. These feelings began when he left his friends and the crowd he knew. He had an inner demon that constantly needed to be accepted and loved by everyone around him. When he was 13, in 8th grade, he switch schools and stared hanging with a bad crowd. They attended a town carnival and undenounced to JR this would be the start of the end so to speak. At the carnival he had his first run in with the police and got caught with marijuana bag 3 dimes worth. Although it would not it would not be until 11th grade when he tried heroin his kryptonite, for the first time, he snorted it. That was a wrap, by 12th grade he was a full blown heroin addict, popping oxys like tic-tacs. For those of you that don’t know OxyContin is basically the synthetic form of heroin. These pills if not prescribed by a doctor are extremely expensive any ware from 12$-30$ per pill. Due to that, JR end up going through with draw in 12th grade this is what got him. One day when he was detoxing quite badly a friend of his came over with some heroin the snort able and smoke able kind. This would be the first time he did this and would be his ultimate demise.

One month after high school, JR went into his first rehab, while in rehab he learned about shooting up heroin and smocking crack. He told himself these were two things he had to try. Now at this point you must be wondering why? Why would he do these things? Why did this seem like a good idea? However JR was unhappy with himself and like he later goes on to tell me, but I think now you should know, he said “it was when I realized I don’t have a problems with drugs and alcohol per say, when I get high I do it because I have a problem inside something wrong on the inside of myself. Once JR got outta rehab for the first time there were somethings he promised himself would never happen and they all did. He lost his job due to drugs, he went jail for 7 days that was just the tip of the ice burg.
At the age of 20 JR went to a sober house for 9 months, he was clean. Then he came back to NJ less than 2 hours off the plane, he was high and drunk. Clearly he had a serious problem. But how to fix it was all right there, all around him it was what he did to feel cool to feel good. The drugs were the mask to his inner god concept. When he got high he was able to hold himself to a...

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