Some People Believe That Government Funding Of The Arts Is Necessary To Ensure That The Arts Can Flourish And Be Available To All People. Others Believe That Government Funding Of The Arts Threatens The Integrity Of The Arts

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Art is an important part of every society. It tells of the history of the people, their culture and it depicts at each phase, what the society is going through. In today's fast paced era, people are almost always preoccupied with the chores of today and the concerns of tomorrow and they hardly find time to devote in appreciating various artforms which may have been one of their several childhood interests. Also, people's interests are increasingly changing and aligning with the art attractions of the latest century like metal music over classical or carnatic, plastic decorative furniture over ancient terracota for their homes and so on. Thus, largely lack of government funding can endanger ...view middle of the document...

Artists such as Michelangelo and Van Gogh couldn’t support themselves during their lifetime; nevertheless they could thrive with the patronage of the aristocrats. Even Shakespeare enjoyed benevolent royal sponsorship under King James. In addition, making a living as an artist will even be harder today because the modern society is overwhelmingly driven by capitalism, and this means that even the wealthiest artist would need to check frequently that his financial income is constant. When the magnitude of financial restraints shackles the free flow of creative thinking, government support is essential to provide today’s talented artists an encouraging environment under which they can freely express themselves.
Some adamant critics may still argue that the government funding may engender a pernicious situation under which art becomes increasingly vulnerable to government influence. A popular case they frequently adduce in support of this claim is the art censorship during the Cultural Revolution in China. Under Mao Zedong, Chinese artists were only allowed to produce works that promoted communist notions; otherwise, they would be severely punished. Their reasoning has some merits, when the issue is positioned in the context of communist governance. However, at least in the United States ,the First Amendment is powerful enough to prevent the government from exercising legal authority to censor art. In fact, the only way for the government to censor art, at this point, is to stop the current flow of funding. Then one may start to wonder: is this why some politicians are so eager to block funding, so they can influence the direction in which the modern art is headed to? One cannot help but feel the fascist notions in this kind of thinking.
Another reason why government funding might be a...

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