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Solutions To Obesity Essay

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Solutions to Obesity Problem
Obesity has become a significant health problem in the United States. An investigation by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that about one-third of people are obese in the United States. The rate is twice as much as that of 20 years ago. Unfortunately, the obesity rate is still increased annually. Obesity kills thousands of people in the USA every year; however, most of American don't realize the great harm of it. Obesity is correlated with many physical and mental diseases. In order to solve this problem, an individual should form a habit of exercising every day; in addition, the government should improve people's cognition about a healthy diet.
Obesity can cause lots of physical and emotional problems. It has a negative effect on health and can cause serious illness ...view middle of the document...

One of the effective measures is persisting exercising. Lacking of exercises is one of the main causes of obesity. People who live in modern city always don't do any exercise in a whole day. They drive cars to their workplace and sit on chairs while they are working. In their leisure time, they sit on the couch and watch television at home. Shortly afterward, they find their weights skyrocket. Exercise can burn calories. The more you exercise, the easier it is to you keep your weight. For example, my cousin lost 20 pounds in six months last year. When I asked him how he lost his weight, he said he worked out at a gym twice a week.
However, taking exercise is not enough because many people still overestimate the amount of calories every day; therefore, the government needs to focus on spreading the knowledge about the importance of healthy eating. A healthy diet is very beneficial to our health. For instance, Japan is one of the lowest obesity rate countries. The low rate is related to their healthy diet that has low-calorie. Japanese eat more fish and vegetable than meat in their daily diet. In contrast, American prefer fast food because it is cheap and convenient; however, people don't realize that this high-calorie food is the largest contributor to obesity. Therefore, making people develop a healthy diet habit is very significant.
In conclusion, obesity harms our health severely. In order to defeat it, both individual and government's efforts are integrant. For an individual, taking regular exercises is necessary. Except going to the gym, we also can add some exercises in daily life. Choosing riding or walking if the destination is not so far, and walking up stairs instead of taking elevators. For government, knowledge of healthy eating should be spread as soon as possible. Children need to be educated about the importance of healthy diet; meantime, public service advertisements about healthy eating should be broadcasted on television.

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