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Soil Report

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Soils Field and Laboratory Report
On the 23rd of October 2013, I was set to analyse some soil samples. I decided to take my samples from Avenham park in Preston, Lancashire. A soil pit was dug and some samples were taken, those samples were later taken to the laboratory and passed through series of test. Measuring of moisture content, PH level, and the percentage organic mater content were the major carried out on ...view middle of the document...

Chosen Site
The site chosen is located at Avenham park in Preston, Lancashire
River Ribble
River Ribble
Approximately where the site it located

Approximately where the site it located

Avenham park
Avenham park

Figure 1:
Map of preston, Lancashire. Locating the site where samples where taken.
( google map, n.d)
The site where the soil pit was dug is a vast piece of managed farm land about a hundred meters wide. There is a footpath located at the right side of River Ribble after crossing the old tam bridge to the right. The footpath serves as a link between the site , avenham and west cliff leading to the preston train station.
This site was selected because it serves as a good example of fairly natural land that has been set aside for farming purposes within the avenham area. This area was well managed and only need a visible footpath in the future as the exsisting footpath was covered with growing grasses.

Figure 2:
Site of soil pit, avenham park, preston.

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