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TRF370417 Evaluation Module : price $200

Code Composer Studio IDE - Floating 50 User Pack (F50) | -------------------------------------------------
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We need to ask if the 6488 emulator will work with the free version or which version will it work on?
You need to have CCS3.3 Platinum base installation for this.

Name | Part Number | Software / Tool Type |
Chip Support Library for TCI6488 | SPRCA72 | Device Drivers (free) |
Network Developers Kit (NDK) with TCP/IP Stack | NDKTCPIP | Drivers / IO / Control Software (free) |
DSP/BIOS Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) | DSPBIOS | Operating Systems (OS/RTOS) (free) |

How to connect two boards:
You can connect the 6488 boards with a switch and run NDK(network developers kit) in both board's core0. This will bring the stack up in both the boards and you can communicate with each other.
network developers kit:

Source of information: Communications Infrastructure Guide sstc001h.pdf

Very important information on the libraries:
TI offers free application specific PHY layer libraries for communication stack processing on 6487 and 6488 platforms. In particular, libraries are available for WCDMA, WiMAX and LTE. All I could find were the Chip Support Library (CSL) and Signal Processing Library (DSPLIB), in addition to SYS/BIOS and DSP/BIOS already included in CCS though they also have some sample application (AIF - CPRI/OBSAI) here. I could find some third party libraries for GSM/EDGE and Bluetooth, but they are not free. I am expecting TI has its own libraries.

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