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Sociology Assignment

500 words - 2 pages

Session One Assignment Part A

What is sociology?
Sociology is the study, using scientific method, of human group behavior. This can be analyzed in for both positive and negative behaviors.

Why are people so confused about sociology?
Sociology is confusing because it portrays to be science in may different ways, including the use of scientific method. However, it is considered an art as much as a science because it varies and is difficult to predict.

Why is sociological theory important in today’s word?
In today’s world it is essential we use sociological theory in order to have connection between the aspects of social world. Theory provides a way to take observed or documented insights and see a connection between them; showing how ...view middle of the document...

One could study the difference in heterosexual men versus homosexual their behaviors involving peer pressure and environment. A theory could be made assuming heterosexual men behave a certain way when surrounded by other heterosexual men. This study would involve qualitative research studying behaviors in order to prove a theory

a. The students were arrested at their homes, charged, warned of legal rights, handcuffed, and thrown in police car. This lead neighbors as well as other to be confused and caused fear in the suspects.

b. Living in an environment with no clocks or view of the outside world causes one to become very hopeless. They are unaware of any outside activity and feel useless with no means of sensory stimulation

c. These experiences such as shaving the heads, stripping, delousing the students caused them to feel like a number of a group rather than an individual.

d. The good guards felt pressured by the other guards as well as the environment and continued to go along with the punishment viewing the prisoners as lesser individuals.

e. I do not believe I could handle being imprisoned for five years. I believe the environment and humiliation would cause a emotional breakdown. I would prefer a death sentence rather than long term imprisonment.

f. Once the prisoners were in the situation they no longer viewed themselves as individuals with human rights and the ability to make a difference. Instead they just rebelled again the authority given in the situation.

g. This abuse is similar to what took place because the prisoners were humiliated. It was very embarrassing to have their identity and sexuality attempted to be removed. They were made fun of and treated as a number instead of an individual.

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