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Sociology Essay

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of teaching and training

Certificate III in
Education Support


Opening Opportunities
At Open Colleges, we are
passionate about helping people
from all walks of life to achieve
their aspirations and dreams. For
more than 100 years, we have
been opening opportunities for
people across Australia. Today,
Open Colleges is blazing a new
trail in online education – creating
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• Freedom – study where you want,
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Certificate III

Recognised Yes
Awarded by

Open Colleges


A nationally recognised qualification, the Certificate III
in Education Support CHC30213 is delivered by Open
Colleges. The qualification is highly recommended
for those seeking work in the education system. It
provides core skills for teacher aides to contribute
to the education of young people through a focused
learning support stream.
The course also includes a mandatory work placement
component to provide on-the-job experience that
will assist you to secure rewarding employment as a
teacher aide, or teacher assistant.

Opening Opportunities

> teacher aide
> teacher assistant
> education assistant
> education support worker
> support worker (assisting children with
> learning support assistant.

CHC30213 Certificate

III in Education Support

What you need to know
about this course

How is the course delivered?

What is work placement?

This is an online course with a work placement.
This means that you will complete your knowledge
and skills development through online learning.

Work placement is a structured learning program
undertaken in a relevant workplace. It involves
doing set tasks and activities over time under the
guidance of a workplace supervisor and Open
Colleges workplace assessor.

You will also undertake a work placement. This will
allow you to practise and master practical skills and
gain invaluable workplace experience and contacts.

What is online learning?
OpenSpace is Open Colleges’ online campus.
Through OpenSpace you will:
> access your learning materials and assessments
> undertake and upload assessments
> engage with your trainer and assessor, and
course coordinator
> participate in student forums
> have the opportunity to find a ‘study buddy’
> access your assessment grades and feedback
> access the student support team
> access the Gale Library.

The work placement requires you to complete a
logbook of workplace tasks undertaken, complete
a workplace portfolio and undergo interviews with
your workplace assessor.
A work placement can be a highly stimulating and
rewarding part of the course. It will enable you
to participate in a real workplace and put into
practice the new skills and knowledge that you
have acquired through the course.
The work placement also provides Open Colleges
with an opportunity to assess the skills and
knowledge you have developed through the
course in the workplace. This is called workplace
Students will often undertake work placement
in their current workplace or find a workplace
through their friends, family or colleagues.
If you experience difficulties finding a work
placement, Open Colleges will provide you with
advice, resources and support through our work
placement support team. An Open Colleges’

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