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Socioeconomic Status Has On The Management Of The Orthopedic Patient

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A family’s income, education attainment and occupational prestige are referred to as their socio-economic status. This economic status has been viewed to affect the individual’s life opportunities. Life opportunities can be viewed in various aspects, which may include the availability of resources to individuals within the boundaries of health care systems or personal perception of their healthy related qualities of life. The qualities of life are defined as the impact of specific illnesses, injuries, health service policies or ...view middle of the document...

It is not possible for them to eat healthy food that is vital for their health. This eating habit leads to low level of management of the orthopedic patients. Those individuals who live at a high social economic status get favored by what they eat. They tend to eat healthy food and mostly those prescribed by their doctors. This leads to an increase in management of these orthopedic patients. An example of the prescribed nutrition to the orthopedic patient is adequate intake of calcium which tends to favor individuals who live at a higher economic status. This is because calcium nutrients are expensive to acquire and requires those individual who can maintain it. These leads to a conclusion eating habits of orthopedic patients are greatly affected by their social status.
Living conditions are also factors that affect the lives of orthopedic patients. Unequal an unfair distribution of resources which creates a social status do affect orthopedic patients life opportunities. Access to resources, social relationships, information or knowledge of the health related cases; skills capabilities do affect the healthy related qualities of life. For example, income differences do affect their access to resources and can be viewed as the financial capital availability. Occupational prestige is viewed as the individual’s skill availability as well as the social relationships of the individual. Education knowledge reflects the understanding of the health issues such as health-behaviors contributes to one’s personal income and creates an improvement on the skills of that particular person.
Some of the variables that affect the social-economic status as well as the health related qualities of life are age, gender, current cardiac status and race. Age and orthopedic health was closely related showing that older people have a bad orthopedic health as compared to their cohorts. In teenage period, people have a good orthopedic health...

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