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Socio Economic Essay

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National Competency Based Teacher Standards (NCBTS)

What is the NCBTS?

The NCBTS is an integral theoritical fra

Who Should Use the NCBTS?

Anyone who is interested in improving teaching practicesshould refer to the NCBTS. Thus teacgher education institutions shall use the NCBTS to design and impleS in developing their interventions. Award-giving bodies shall refer to the NCBTS in defining their criteria for outstanding teachers. The DepED shall use this in formulating its hiring, promotion, supervision, and other policies related to the teaching profession. It shall use the NCBTS to guide its INSET programs for teachers.

How Should Teachers Use the NCBTS?

Teachers can use ...view middle of the document...

Thus, the NCBTS can help each Filipino teacher become a better teacher, and assist each teacher to continuously think about improving professionally to become even better and beter as facilitaors of student learning.

With NCBTS, all Filipino teachers also share common vocabulary for discussing their teaching practice, for defining their ideals as teachers, f practice, and for addressing their various stakeholders regarding the improvement of the teaching profession.

What Are These Seven Domains?

1. Social Regard for Learning 
2. Learning Environmenting, Assessing, and Reporting
6. Community Linkages
7. Personal Growth and Professional Development

What does NCBTS  stand for?
* It is an integrated theoretical framework that defines the different dimensions of effective teaching.
National Competency Base National Competency-Based Teacher Standards
* The Philippine NCBTS has defined what Effective Teaching is. It has clearly stated the strategic and indespensable role of the Teacher in the learning process of the students.
The NCBomains:
1. Social Regard for Learning
2. Learning Environment
3. Diversity of Learnersiculum
5. Planning, Assessing, reporting
6. Community Linkages
7. Personal growth and Professionalism
According to the Framework “This will allow teachers to self-assess their own performance against the Competency Standards in order to identify areas of strength as well as areas that need to be developed further in order for them to function more effectively as facilitators of learning.”
Domain 1. Social Regard for Learning (SRFL)
The SRFL domain focuses on the ideal that teachers serve as positive and powerful role models of the value in the pursuit of different efforts to learn. The teacher’s action, statements,...

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