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Society In The United States An Ever Changing World

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Society in the United States an Ever Changing World



Society in the United States an Ever Changing World

In the United States we have the ability to come across many different people and be able to learn from one another. In earlier times, we have been able to see how different some people were treated than others, but we are now able to live among one another and try to live peacefully. This is a cycle that will continue to happen as people become more and more tolerable to the differences we all have to bring to the table. This will only become easier with time as we all learn to accept the ...view middle of the document...

This activity also showed me how much the percentage of certain groups had insurance and how many people filed their taxes. I really didn’t know that all this information was available but it is also very interesting to find these facts that contribute to stereotypes and other assumptions of racial groups. I also found out that the Hispanic race has a lower average or income per household than Whites or Blacks.
Population Growth
I think that in the year 2050 we will see a much more diverse community throughout the U.S. This is because many different people are still migrating to the U.S. This will create more diversity in the country. In fact I believe that the Hispanic population will be increased more than African Americans and Anglo Americans. Recent demographics show that the Hispanic community is on the rise and is multiplying at a faster rate than African Americans and Anglo Americans.
One of the biggest challenges the U.S faces due to its diversity in people is the acceptance of different groups. Some people might not like the fact that people that are from different origin or backgrounds are moving in to their neighborhoods. This is very common because the people fell insecure with having an “outsider” in their neighborhood. Another challenge that the U.S faces is discrimination, and again this might go hand in hand with acceptance. If a person is not accepted by another group there might be discrimination against that person and people from that group.
The best thing of a diverse culture is when they can work together and all add a significant amount of culture to the community. A great example could be Los Angeles. In L.A. there are many different areas that are solely form a certain region such as China Town. Here there are many different places to shop for Chinese artifacts and foods while being in a place where there are many different cultures. In Los Angeles you may also be able to find an area where much Hispanic culture is abundant. This is one of the benefits of having a diverse culture. No matter what your identity ism you can find different cultures and they make it easier for other cultures to relate or take a part of them with you. If it weren’t for this diverse society some of us wouldn’t have the pleasure of trying foreign foods of different sports. Many things that people like are not solely from America which helps us accept and enjoy what other cultures have to offer.
We can start off by letting old customs aside and letting logic be the key to success. It is illogical to believe something or a certain way of someone due to their race, religion, background, etc. If we let this go we can all come to mutual agreements and find acceptance within this community that is overflowing with cultural differences. Being aware of the people in the community can also build trust and this will allow us to move forward as a team, community and country. We are the only country that has developed...

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