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The emergence and deepening of the European identity has been a significant aspect of integration over the past two decades. The European identity can be classified as a set of values shared by all the citizens of the European Union. The most tangible illustration of a European identity is the European Union (EU), a political-economic union that consists of 28 member states within Europe. Individuals and nations within Europe subordinating parochial interests is an imperative influence for the assimilation of Europe, as it achieves a common sense personified by the identity, based on the beliefs, values and norms. The concept of European identity can be demonstrated through cultural, social ...view middle of the document...

34) The results collected demonstrates a development towards a larger percentage of the population reporting that they feel they are European, as well as confirming the existence of a European identity. Factors such as immigration have had an effect on the integration of Europe. France has been viewed as one of the most culturally diverse nations in Europe, maintaining a strong and unique culture, along with the experiencing growth of other culture and ethnic groups. For several years now the integration of immigrants with differing ethnic backgrounds, religious orientations, and cultural traditions has been regarded as a central task for the French society. The worldwide diffusion of the French culture is demonstrated through the French colonisation in the 1800’s, seen as a reflection of hundreds of years of immigration from European and formerly colonized nations. The increasing migrant culture of France can be demonstrated as a factor leading to a European identity.
However, in contrast to the evidence of a growing European identity, data obtained from the Eurobarometer also indicated the extensive disparities existing among nations in the proportions of individuals representing the European identity. The lower percentages of individuals reporting that they felt European were in the United Kingdom and Greece (European Commission p. 35) Factors such as cultural and religious dissimilarities contribute to the individuals ascertaining themselves within a national identity rather than a European identity. The question of whether Christianity can or should play in affecting an individual’s identity within Europe is widely disputed in regards to the influence of religion within a European identity. The important role that Catholicism has played in the integration of Europe has often been noted, with research suggesting that individuals tend to resonate better in countries with a Catholic background than those with a Protestant background and political culture (Agirdag 2011). In contrast, religious factors such as secularism has become a contemporary issue within France. Secularism is the belief that religion should not interfere with or be integrated into the public affairs of a society, through the process of secularisation, when society becomes more secular, i.e. less religious. France has identified itself as a secular society in regards to Laïcité, the concept of state secularism, and has been accepted as a preeminent secular nation that restricts religion (Fernando 2015). In contrast to France’s increasing development of secularisation, Europe have increased their reputation as a diverse and vibrant mix of nationalities, resulting in an authentic nation of different cultures, languages and religions.
The concept of a European identity can be also traditionally derived from the idea of a common European political narrative. However at present, there are several conflicting projects for a future Europe within the institutional framework of...

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