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Societies’ Corruption Essay

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Societies’ Corruption
Within the short stories “Recitatif” by Toni Morrison and “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” by Karen Russell, the writers focus on the theme of societies’ corruption upon young, developing girls. The authors choose to center their stories on two groups of girls that are changed by their experiences as they mature in and outside group homes. In both stories the diverse group of girls are placed into homes by their parents for entirely different reasons. Despite these reasons the two girls in the story “Recitatif” grow closer while in the home, but the family of werewolf girls, in the story “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves,” grow further apart ...view middle of the document...

By that stage, I was no longer certain of how the pack felt about anything” (Russell 232, 238). By this time in the program Claudette no longer had a concern for the pack and was solely focused on herself as an individual. It can be seen in both stories that when a child is exposed to the behaviors of society they are no longer concerned with any ones else’s wellbeing or feelings and become distant to what they previously loved.
Toni Morrison and Karen Russell convey the theme of young girls being corrupted by society during the different stages and periods of their lives. The racial tension is not a concern of the girls during their youth in “Recitatif,” but the strife is blatantly apparent after they leave St. Bonny’s home and later were exposed to the thoughts of others during this controversial time in history. Roberta asserts in one of their chance meetings later in life that the only reasons she was rude to Twyla during their first meeting after St. Bonny’s home was because people of different races were not meant to be friends at that time. Twyla seems to be unaware of the conflict between the races saying that she “Thought it was just the opposite. Busloads of blacks and whites came into Howard Johnson’s together” (Morrison 209). Roberta was told how to act toward the opposite race by society, but Twyla was blind to the strife and seems to be the same little girl who left St. Bonny’s home years earlier. The same conflict is apparent in Karen...

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