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Socialization Essay

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Socialization is defined by sociologist as the social interaction process through which the culture of a society is taught and learned and the personalities of humans are developed.  Socialization is a continuing process throughout an individual’s life.  Because socialization is a process of social interaction this means it occurs through communication and it varies depending on the society, community and social groups you grow up in.  People who socialize individuals are agents of socialization; some examples of agents of socialization would be; parents, teachers, church and peers.  There are some criminologists who study the importance of socialization in regards to crime.  They really ...view middle of the document...

Social learning theory is a revision of Sutherlands work.  Social learning theory created by Akers and Burgess uses the concepts of modern behaviorism.  Akers also believes that criminal behavior is a learned behavior.  He argues that it is learned in a specific way, through operant conditioning and imitation of others.  An example of operant conditioning is Pavlov’s dogs, where dogs were trained to salivate when they heard a bell ring.  A behavioral response occurs by a prior stimulus. This form of behavior depends on instrumental conditioning; which is behavior that is learned as a result of the effects or consequences it has on the environment of an individual. Before instrumental conditioning can take effect there are two major processes involved-reinforcement and punishment. This means reinforcement can cause behaviors to increase when frequency increases. An example of this is positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement occurs when good behavior is rewarded. Negative reinforcement occurs when a painful response if followed by a behavior.
Differential identification was developed by Daniel Glaser. This is the notion that people belong to different groups, ones whom they identify with also known as reference groups. This is exemplified in people who seek to identify with a higher social status or fit into a lifestyle portrayed on TV. These are the individuals who typically judge themselves based on the...

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