Social Studies Mini Lesson Essay

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Social Studies Mini Thematic Unit
Elizabeth Carpenter
May 30, 2011
Kristine Vanduyne

Social Studies Mini Thematic Unit
Day One:
Title of lesson: Let’s Tour the White House
Grade Level: 5
Standards: IL- Illinois Learning Standards
Learning Area: Social Science
Goal: Applications of Learning
Standard / Ability: Solving Problems
Standard / Ability: Communicating
Standard / Ability: Using Technology
Standard / Ability: Working on Teams
Standard / Ability: Making Connections
Overview: The lesson will provide students the information to understand the functions and uses of the buildings in our nation’s capital. There are two parts to this lesson plan; one is to help students understand the aesthetics of the buildings as well as functions and purposes. This will also provide students the opportunity to learn research skills.
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Then students will be asked to present this information to their peers.
Students will then be broken up in groups by which room they chose and a tour guide will be put together as groups to share with other classes, parents, and school members. The students will be giving the tour as though they are really there at a later date.
Tying it altogether: Allow class time to discuss rooms they liked and interesting facts they found out about their room. Then ask the students to think about the rooms and what they found beautiful and write two paragraphs on what they would keep in the room or what they would change about the room in a letter to the president.
Day Two: Tea with the President:
Grade Level: 5
Overview: This activity to help teachers increase the student’s interest in historical people.
Standards: IL- Illinois Learning Standards
Learning Area: Social Science
Goal: Applications of Learning
Standard / Ability: Solving Problems
Standard / Ability: Communicating
Standard / Ability: Using Technology
Standard / Ability: Working on Teams
Standard / Ability: Making Connections
Objectives: Knowledge of a famous person from history. Students will also understand how to write a research paper and then simplify it into a speech, and memorize the speech and deliver it to an audience.
Activities: Each student chooses a President to write a letter to the day before, however before they are able to give that letter to the person, they have to research about that President. So students will chose who that they are going to write to and then research, where they are from and born, family life, physical characteristics, when they were in office, when they died, and one other interesting thought about that person. After reports are written, then students will be ask to write them as though they are going to meet them in real person and introduce them to an audience. Then the students will provide their letter to the president.
Resources: Internet, time period clothes

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