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Social Sba Essay

1510 words - 7 pages

Social Studies Project
School Based Assessment (S.B.A)
(Year 2014)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Page
Introduction 1
Acknowledgement 2
Statement of Problem 3
Reason for Selecting Area of Research 4
Method of Investigation 5
Instrument used for Investigation 6-7
Procedure for Data Collection 8
Presentation of Data 9-13
Analysis and Interpretation of Data 14
Findings 15
Recommendations 16

First and foremost the researcher would like to thank herself for conducting such a wonderful survey for her School Based Assessment (S.B.A). Thanks to her ...view middle of the document...

* Less confusing compared to other methods.
* Inexpensive.

Topic: “Are female students performing better than male students in my school?”
Instructions: Please tick your response.
Gender: Male ( ) Female ( )
Age Group: 11-12 ( ) 13-14 ( ) 15-16 ( ) 17-18 ( )

1. Are female students performing better than male students in your school?
Yes ( )
No ( )

2. What factor is responsible for the female students performing better than their male counterparts in your school?
Females students are more focused ( )
Female students study harder than males ( )
Male students do not value education ( )

3. What other factor is responsible for this situation in your school?
Male students focus more on the opposite sex ( )
Male students idle a lot during class time ( )
Male students prefer practical work rather than theory ( )

4. What other factors would you say accounts for this situation in your school?
Males prefer to listen to music to studying ( )
Peer Pressure ( )
Gang Activities ( )
Truancy ( )

5. Does the issue of female students performing better than male students have any effect on you?
Yes ( )
No ( )
6. What type of effect does this issue have on you?
Negative ( )
Positive ( )

7. What effect does the issue of female students performing better than male students have on your school?
School gets low ratings. ( )
Males are further de-motivated ( )
Violence among male students ( )

8. What other effect does this have on your school?
Males suffer from low self esteem ( )
Female students have no competition ( )
Male students become boisterous ( )

9. Who is in the best position to solve the problem of female students performing better than male students?
Parents ( )
Students themselves ( )
Teachers ( )

10. Which method of improvement do you deem suitable for motivating male students to work to their abilities, thus solving the problem of female students performing better than male students?
Offer male students more practical subjects ( )
Motivate male students more rather than degrade them of the abilities ( )
Spend more time with male students rather than with the females ( )

Procedure for Data Collection

The researcher issued 20 questionnaires out of 21, which consisted of 10 questions. The 20 students were selected within a classroom, 10 males and 10 females. They all completed the given task within a day.

Presentation of Data

A total amount of 20 Questionnaires were handed out, when all was returned the following data is the result which was compiled.

Fig 1: Responses from respondents on whether or not they think female students are performing better than male students.

Fig 2: Factors respondents say are responsible for this issue of female students performing better than male students.

Fig.3: Shows the effect such issue has on the respondents

Factors | Percentage |
Peer PressureGang...

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