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Social Paper

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Social Control and Criminal Deviance: Bullying
Cherry Sanders
Prof. Sheila Farr
Intro to Sociology
November 15, 2015

The most important step in the students guide to research that you would need in order to analyze bulling would be formulating a research question. Formulating a research question precisely and carefully is one of the most important steps to ensure a successful paper. You need to make clear your ...view middle of the document...

A successful research paper depends upon how well a student formulates the research question. This will determine how well your research will turn out.
Bullying is “verbal or physical behavior designed to disturb someone less powerful” (Santrock 372)—“the most malicious and malevolent form of deviant behavior widely practiced in our schools” (Tattum 7). This is the best way I can explain how bullying relates to different types of deviance. Deviance is any behavior, action, practice, or condition, including those that violate cultural norms or social laws, that result in disapproval, hostility, or sanction if it becomes known. Bullying and Deviance go hand in hand, because bullying is a behavior that is considered not to be of normal behavior and in today’s society the people doing the bullying are being punished, because this behavior is such a problem.

“From school yard bullying to genocide: Barbara Coloroso at TEDxCalgary” (19 min 5 s) located below. You may also view the video at

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