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Social Networking Is Beneficial For Society

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Social Networking is beneficial for society

Presently, online activity becomes lifestyle on society, particularly accessing social networking sites. Cameron (2013) states that the digital analytics company Experian published a report in April 2013, that 27% people in United States, United Kingdom, and Australia spent online time on social networking sites. Social networking refers to the platforms of interactions between people where they create, share, exchange information and thoughts in cyberspace or online communities (Digital Communications 2014). The utilization of social networking sites to connect with family, ...view middle of the document...

A recent survey of college students in United States showed that in order to maintain friendships, they are using social network sites as a solution way (Pempek, Yermolayeva & Calvert 2009). In fact, the survey shown teenagers use social networking sites as a way to get and find people's opinions about themselves, which then may impress their identity establishment (Pempek, Yermolayeva & Calvert 2009). Overall, social networking gives positive impacts on relationships in society.
Secondly, social networking is used for study aims. As Stanciu, Mihai & Aleca (2012, p. 56) point out, due to the progress of utilizing new Information Technologies (IT) in daily life, application of these technologies in studying is being a need. Social media presents various opportunities for learning and knowledge processes in general which can be used as well as possible by people from any categories such as children, teenagers, and also adults. According to Wodzicki, Schwammlein & Moskaliuk (2011) point out there is an enhancement of social media utilization in formal learning form, for instance, the use of social networking sites for learning the English language, as an storage information concerning lessons or as a tool to improve students' recognition with a learning in group and the learning tasks. The students may feel more convenience in studying through social media, they can be more relax and flexible in it's process so that the lessons or lectures will easier to be absorbed by them. Moreover, social interaction is shown to add value to a student’s learning experience through participation and publication on social media. For example, in a study from University of New South Wales, the use of Ning platform from a social network site by the students. They use this platform with the aims of submitting works, look other students’ work, read comments and feedback from other students, check to see what is new on there and send or receive email to other students or tutors (Rodrigo and Nguyen 2013, p. 40). As a result, social networking is very useful for study developing in this new era.
Lastly, social networking is utilized for sharing. In this function, people could even share their individual profiles. They are possible to share any ideas, impressive goals, thought, photos, videos or even news. The majority of sites recommend their users to upload a profile photo as an identity. And even the features like adding multimedia content, add modules (‘‘Applications’’), modifying and improving their profile is allowed by social networking sites such as Facebook (Boyd & Ellison 2008, p.213). There are many social networking sites that provide places for sharing such as YouTube (video sharing), Flickr (photo sharing), Instagram (photo and video sharing), Twitter (thought, information and photo sharing). In addition, some companies share notices, news and any information on social media as well. Currently, some news source companies are prefer to...

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