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Social Networking A Menace To Student's English Language Profeciency

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With the advancement of technology and the leap the world has taken, everybody faced a drastic change in everything and the most evident thing is this so- called “alternative literacy” that has taken place. Generations are now typing, texting and tweeting their own unique language. This word abbreviated Morse Code like grammar sweeps from computer to phone on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.
“Written communication in instant messaging, text messaging, chat and other forms of electronic communication have generated a “new language” of abbreviations, acronyms, word combinations, and punctuation.” (Varnhagen et al., 2009, p. 1)
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Are you fond of using social networking sites?
2. What kind of social networking sites you usually visit?
3. What are the contributions of social networking sites to your English Language proficiency?
4. Will you agree to this statement that “instant messaging offered by networking sites threatens youth literacy because it will lead them to using misspelled words“?
5. Do you think those networking sites have a positive impact on your English language proficiency?

There is a new wave of communication sweeping across the world. Generations are now typing, texting and tweeting their own unique language. This word abbreviated Morse Code like grammar sweeps from computer to phone on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.
Since the early days of the internet and the world wide web, people have crowded to online communication channels, from email down the social media timeline through Usenet, IRC, Wikipedia, Friendster, My Space, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter … to the mobile communication technologies of today (idfive, 2006).  Since its beginning in 2001 multitudes of people from all over the globe have swarmed to be part of the Wikipedia phenomenon, to experience the satisfaction of participating in something for the benefit everyone and to experience the gratification of seeing their contribution published instantly online.  The popularity of Wikipedia has never been questioned.  Initially Wikipedia’s content was compared favorably by some to that of the Encyclopaedia Britannica (Giles, 2005), but murmurs currently circulating in the press and growing louder, are predicting Wikipedia, at least as it presents today, may be approaching the end of its lifecycle (Angwin & Fowler, 2009; Farrer, 2009; Frommer, 2009; Johnson, 2009; Subhasis, 2009). This paper argues that the quality of Wikipedia’s content has deteriorated over time and questions the authority, accuracy, reliability and completeness of Wikipedia content which is increasingly subjected to hoaxes, vandalism, political and corporate cleansing, self-promotion, and the abuse of power and the individual agendas of the site’s editors and administrators. The conclusions drawn counsel that Wikipedia should not be relied upon as a quality resource and warn that citing Wikipedia for serious academic scholarship is ill-advised.
Social Networking sites are defined as web-based services which allow users to create for themselves a public/semi-public or private profile within an enclosed system. They allow the user to create a list of other users with whom they share any type of connection. They can also allow the user to view and manage their list of connections, and those of others within the system (boyd, 2007).
Social Networking Sites started in around 1997 with Six Degrees. It was followed in around 1999 by sites such as LiveJournal and BlackPlanet. Then in 2003 there was a boom of new sites, such as...

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