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Social Movements And Gender Essay

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Medium v. Message
Christina Drummond
Tricia Rosengarten

Medium v. Message
There are many forms of communication through technology. The three that I use in my office are email, social networks and IM. My favorite of these 3 are IM because it allows me to send messages right away and leaves little room for misinterpretation. Emails for examples allow me to send messages to many people at once but sometimes people don’t read them right away or I don’t get back to them right away because I am busy. If this happens then someone may not do as instructed and whatever is going may have to wait until later. Social media to me is great for getting information around from ...view middle of the document...

Tech teams need to be put in place as well because they can help with making sure that there is a system to use that works and can help me as the manager run the business successfully.
The biggest challenges that I have faced when implementing a new system is team work and staying on task. When I am working in the office trying to train my team on how to use the new systems often times they can be very short with me and ask questions that make the system look bad instead of realizing the bigger picture. This is when team dynamic comes into play you have to put team members in charge who are going to be humble and willing to help others no matter what. I cannot put team members in leadership positions that are just going to let the team do as they please or be too aggressive and make people more closed to the idea of a new change.
The decisions that I make on a daily basis affect the team and the business as a whole. I have to compare and contrast different communication paths through technology that I believe will help the daily task of the business run smoother. It is important to know that when it comes down to it IM is the best way for me. I can send multiple people messages and I can get...

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