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Social Justice Analysis

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Social Justice Analysis
Delia M. Card
Frontier Nursing University

Social Justice Analysis
John Rawls identifies justice by two principles. The first as equal rights for every person with the same extent of liberties for all, and the second as inequalities that are shared by all for the advantage of all and freedom for anyone to hold any position (Bankston, III, 2010). The Research College of Nursing (2009) further accepts social justice as “fair treatment regardless of economic status, ethnicity, age, citizenship, disability, or sexual orientation.” These both sound much like the first truth in the Declaration of Independence; “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by ...view middle of the document...

At this conference, it was established that the TRIPS agreement would not interfere with developing countries and the attainment of medication and medical equipment needed to protect public health. Instead, the TRIPS agreement “lent flexibility to these countries and extended pharmaceutical patent exemptions until the year 2016” (WTO, 2013).
According to World Health Organization (WHO) (2013), their organization is primarily concerned with ensuring “optimal health benefits with minimal health risk for the vulnerable population.” WHO directs most of it attention to disease prevention and has had its greatest success against small pox (Discovery Fit & Health, 2013). WHO monitors worldwide disease outbreak and offers travel advisories to those traveling into harm’s way. Although WHO and WTO have no legal binding agreement, WHO has the privilege of observing and collaborating with the TRIPS council to bring attention public health and the need for unity in “trade and health at the global and national level (WTO, 2013).”
It is my opinion that the mission of WTO and WHO fit well into our social justice vision. However, I’m sure balancing ethics and finances are difficult for even the greatest of visionaries.

Bankston, III, C. (2010). Masterplots. (4 ed., pp. 1-2). Ipwich, MA: Salem Press. Retrieved from...

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