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Social Issues Essay

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Social issues
Social trend: The use of media as a marketing strategy to influence consumer behaviour Social factors have great influence and importance to businesses as it relates to changes in social structures, consumer lifestyles and behaviours. (100, 2013) Opinions of consumers play an essential role in the growth of a business. As such, businesses often make use of positive reviews from customers to attract new diners. (Solution, 2013) For instance, engaging reputable online personalities like Lady Iron Chef to review your dishes is a form of advertisement. Through positive blog reviews, it employs the influence of the blogger to market the name of the eatery in an appealing way to his/her ...view middle of the document...

Fig 1.3: Twelve Cupcakes featured on The Walker
(TwelveCupcakes, 2013)
Social media creates opportunities for the F&B industry to prosper. Being an efficient and effective tool, sharing of information online can create opportunities for a business. One such company which benefitted from social media is Twelve Cupcakes, a local bakery, made known due to overwhelming positive responses from customers online. From Fig1.3, Twelve cupcakes were featured in a Taiwan food review magazine - The Walker. Being featured on a Taiwan magazine not only promotes their company name abroad, it opens up opportunities for the bakery to enter a foreign market to increase growth and popularity. Unfortunately, social media does have a negative side to it. With great influence to consumer behaviour, social media can be dangerous if misused. Issues such as corporate apathy can be detrimental to the F&B business when mishandled. It arises when businesses manipulate information to gain benefits instead of taking care of consumers’ welfare and interest. Fig 1.4: Comparisons between the actual Big Mac and the one from the advertisement We are often allured by attractive promotions and pictures of exotic food online. However, sometimes, the dish in reality differs from the picture. A good example will be McDonald’s Big Mac (fig1.4) where advertisements bend the truth, and what is served rarely resembles the burger from the advertisement. (minimalist, January 10th, 2011) All in all, Social Media is an impactful tool in creating opportunities to F&B businesses. However, if misused, it could result in issues such as breaching of consumer’s trust.

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