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Youth School for Social Entrepreneur (YSSE)

Youth School for Social Entrepreneur (YSSE) is a non-profit organization dedicated for the
Youth Development through large-scale job creation and entrepreneurship development. Youth
School for Social Entrepreneur (YSSE) is located In Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was established
with the cooperation of British Council and The Hunger Project -Active Citizen Program in
February 01, 2015.

Youth School for Social Entrepreneur (YSSE) is active Citizen 635 batch Social Action Plan.
Social Entrepreneur, as a practice and a field for scholarly investigation, provides a unique
opportunity to challenge, ...view middle of the document...

To change the policies and practices of Youth School for Social Entrepreneur (YSSE) to
reduce the vulnerability of the poorest community.
To support the Adivashis people for their empowerment and skill development;

Youth School for Social Entrepreneur (YSSE)

We also conduct research and organize policy dialogues, academic exchanges and public
awareness activities which promote Youth social entrepreneur and social investment.

Youth School for Social Entrepreneur (YSSE) and partners are in celebrating, showcasing and
promoting young social entrepreneurs from all across the Bangladesh. Through a range of
activities, events, social media campaign, roadshow, human chain, new business plan
competition and awards programmer we are bringing together the movement of people powered
social change.
We provide training in skill development the specification of idea, innovation, management and
project development to enterprise them to be an entrepreneur.
While gaining increasing momentum across the globe, social entrepreneurship is still a largely
misunderstood concept and movement. Fundamentally, it aims to apply market-based
mechanisms and innovative business models to address some of the deepest social problems
that society faces. Yet the design and implementation of social entrepreneurship approaches
are highly diverse and its success varies.
Social entrepreneurship, a field which has gained solid traction as a component for socioeconomic development areas in Bangladesh, will soon play a critical role in creating a positive
future for Afghanistan. Not surprisingly, the move to embrace social entrepreneurship is being
driven by the nation's youth -- including particularly motivated, business-minded individuals
who not only want to enjoy success, but also want to see their country prosper.
Youth School for Social Entrepreneur (YSSE) counselors are the pupil personnel service
providers in the school who are responsible for individual and group counseling and consultancy
work, all of which require networking collaboratively with administrators and the community.
We have a Counseling Centre.

Stake holders
Youth School for Social Entrepreneur (YSSE) is working for Youth Development through largescale job creation and entrepreneurship development. Remote areas, underprivileged youths are
our main focused beneficiaries. We have dedicated resource persons who are developed and

Youth School for Social Entrepreneur (YSSE)

skilled in the area of entrepreneurship and youth development. As we are getting skilled youth
group where we have less opportunity to recruit them social entrepreneurship is the way to feed
their skill along with social welfare. We are helping young, motivated people to involve with

For the last few decades in all over the world, entrepreneurs are regarded as value adding people
to the society....

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