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Social Engineering is a threat, often overlooked but regularly exploited; to take advantage of
What has long been considered the weakest link in the security chain, the human factor.
Social engineering is the practice of obtaining confidential information by manipulation of
legitimate users. A social engineer will commonly use the telephone or internet to trick a
person into revealing sensitive information or getting them to do something that is against
typical policies. By this method, social engineers exploit the natural tendency of a ...view middle of the document...

The email usually claims that you need to go to a link provided in the email to update your account information and offend times like real. These types of social engineering work well with people who do not know the policies. The best way to stop this is by making sure everyone is up-to-date on policies and know what to look for, like if you do get an email do not us the email link. Use interactive security training games they provide retainable training results an train your employees how to identify cyber security traps within they also have instant feedback when a threat is assessed incorrectly Analytics gathers actionable data about the types of traps that fooled you or your employees.
Manipulating others is another great way social engineer gets the information they want.
BY making you think something will happen if you don’t act soon or making you feel guilty and if the feelings are intense enough, they can cause the target to alter their whole belief system. They use tactics that create an emotional response based on fear of loss or punishment. There are way to combat these type of Social Engineering like being awear of thing that are going on in your life, ask question. Questions, if the right ones are asked can tell you if this is real of if it is fake.

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