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How to Better Understand Your New Homeland
Welcome to your new homeland. My name is Marta L. Mateus, and I will be helping you adapt to this new country and show you the ways that people behave.
First of all, I will talk about the interesting palaces that you can or can’t go to visit. There is a place called Barra do Kuanza, and it is a beautiful palace to be with family and friends and also to make a barbecue. In a Barra do Kuanza, people are friendly to the point where we like to help each other, and we love to greet people with a hug and kiss to the cheeks. handshake when someone new comes along we like to greet them as well, so you don’t need to get offended or misunderstand when other do that.
In a Barra do Kuanza, you can’t not drink alcohol for example, if someone does drink alcohol that person might go to the prison , or be deported for not following the rules because ...view middle of the document...

Last but not least I will tell you about the residence and what can or can’t do.\For example, if you have a party at your house you need to maintain the music low so you want disturb the neighbors, and not have the police officer came to your house.
In conclusion, when entering this country the most important thing that everybody needs know is about behaviors and the country laws. I know that is very hard to get used to in others cultures and behaviors, and I’m not the exceptions but if you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of people you need to try your best to fit in without any problems.

Write a short speech welcoming the immigrants to your country and discussing the major values and assumptions they should be aware of in order to adapt easily and avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings.

Values – what makes that country unique? They are not looking for places or visit or how the country’s infrastructure is shaped. The values identify those objects, conditions or characteristics that members of the society consider important; that is, valuable. In the United States, for example, values might include material comfort, wealth, competition, individualism or religiosity. Japan, would consider important characteristics family, team work, taking care of others, and peace with one another.
What they mean by assumptions is, take for example India. For the most part people do not eat with their left hand or Saudia Arabia. A man is not allowed to eat with a married woman alone.

The hugging and kissing part in the first paragraph is something you could work off of. The alcohol is another good assumption because you can not assume that just because it is ok to drink in your country, it is ok to drink in mine. Hope this information helps you.

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