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When dealing with low end quarterbacks, the 8 quarterbacks that fell below the original regression line you get a correlation coefficient r for the Quarterback Rating and the Quarterback Yards per Game is 0.766 which is no longer mildly positively correlated, but is now positively correlated. There are too many variables for why a quarterback is on the high end quarterback list or why they fall on the low end quarterback list. The high end quarterbacks get more yards for their rating while the low end get less yards for their rating. The ...view middle of the document...

Other low end quarterbacks may have problems with interceptions or stalling before they get to the goal line and therefore can’t make the touchdowns (both of which affect the quarterback rating). Some quarterbacks don’t need to throw so much because they have a great running back. Looking at all 15 quarterbacks there still is mildly positive correlation, so therefore in reference to X data values and Y data values is that the better the quarterback rating (X data value) the more yards per game (Y data value) a person can expect out of their quarterback, and teams with a low quarterback rating can’t expect much yardage from their quarterbacks. Since the data is only mildly positively correlated you can only mildly believe with accuracy that if a quarterback with X value Quarterback Rating that they will get 62.2 + 1.72 X for their yards per game. It depends where they fall in the mix. If they fell above the original regression line you can be more positive that they are in line with the other high end quarterbacks compared with the quarterbacks who fell below the original regression line. It’s good to have a high quarterback rating, and for those teams with a low quarterback rating maybe they are thinking that they want their quarter back.

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