Social Class Discrimination Essay

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Social class discrimination
1Social class discrimination is the actual behaviour that people treat others differently according to their social situation, such that someone on benefits is treated unfairly compared to that of someone who works for a living. There are great differences in the condition of the class discrimination in different countries. In the following three paragraphs, I would like to show you three causes and relevant effects of social class discrimination.
The main cause of social class discrimination is that people in high class are more powerful in the society. Noble people always occupy higher status. Undoubtedly, it is much easier for upper classes to achieve something. They are ...view middle of the document...

The class consciousness is indoctrinated when people growing up. They observe how their parents treat lower- class people, so that they imitate. However, the inveteracy of class- based discrimination can influence their psychological health. They look down upon underclasses. They force those below to do overmuch back- breaking work. Discrimination based on social background contributes stress and other physiological changes as well. Therefore, class discrimination will damage both the physical and the mentally health of underclasses, especially teenager’s. Child labour, a special example of class discrimination, has attracted social concern.
A great number of people are affected by the popular psychology. Those people are usually in middle class. They keep conformity with upper status people, which is kind of humankind’s nature. Discrimination spread easily in this way. Generally, it becomes fashion. The whole society despises the lower- classes, hence the atmosphere of discrimination forms. Slightly discrimination is magnified by the public. Once it breaks the balance between upper class and lower class, anything such as striking and civil war could happen. The society cannot progress; everything stagnates.
Power and wealth are the determining factor of the status in the society. Those below own less, so that they are discriminated. Their physical and psychological health is damaged. The society is full of inequality. All the impacts of social class discrimination are negative, none positive. Nevertheless, it is much better now than it in the past.

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