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According with Perkins, an Assistant Professor of English at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland, he believes that the novel “Go Tell it on the Mountain” is divided into three dissimilar parts. To begin with the first section, “The Seventh Day”, which sets the readers to the principal action of the novel. Also calls John initiation in manhood and discover of self in the closing section.
Later on, Perkins describes the other section from the book called “The Prayers of the Saints”, focused on the history of John’s family. The author of this article reminds the reader that argues and different narrative voices in this section create “a technical fault” in the novel. The reason for ...view middle of the document...

Although John’s father, Gabriel, appears to be a motivational and charismatic leader in his congregation, he fails to act in the same manner with his children at home. He appears to undervalue his son John in several aspects, which may have helped John to question himself about his own value as an individual. John’s father is not forgiving and he is concerned about teaching his son to learn the Bible in order to become his successor in his church; however, he fails to teach by example the true meaning of the Bible. He often arrives home and does not bother to greet his family members, as he is tired. Gabriel also appears to treat his woman with a level of superiority and machismo. Furthermore, Gabriel still seemed to have prejudice against White individuals, as he still thought about the long years of slavery in which his family had suffered and lost family members to this cause. In fact, when John received an award for writing in his English class, Gabriel immediately told John to return the award to his professor, as he believed that the award might have been part of a different scheme or joke played against African Americans.

Segregation is not only present between Black and...

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