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Snowboarding Essay

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If you can’t wait for summer to come and think winter is boring, I can recommend something exciting to do at this time of the year. Snowboarding is one of the most exciting extreme sports practiced during winter. There are different ways to practice this sport. It is quite similar to skateboarding and surfing. On this sport, your feet are attached to a board using special boots and bindings. There are many ski resorts where you can practice it. It consists of going to the top of the mountain and start descending on the slopes when they are covered in snow. You should start snowboarding because it is fun to learn new trick, a great way to exercise in the winter, and a relaxing sport.
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Because of the different styles of snowboarding, you will never become bored with this sport. The most common one and the easiest is free ride. There are no goals or tricks to do. As the word describes it, you are free to ride; you slide down the mountain having fun with your friends. You feel the adrenaline when you are going down at high speeds.
The other type of snowboarding is Freestyle; it is a terrain in the mountain with manmade obstacles. You are definitely going to enjoy this one. With practice you start doing tricks like jumping and sliding in tubes. There is no greater satisfaction than learning a new trick. Almost every resort already has parks ready for you to practice this style. They have half pipes, rails, special boxes, and tubes where you can slide, and many other things.
If you are afraid you will not be able to snowboard, ski resorts offer classes for all type of students. There are classes from beginners to advanced snowboarders. It is recommended that you take some lessons at the beginning. You do not have to purchase all the equipment. Ski resorts and some sport shops rent the snowboard and boots. All you have to buy is a pair of snowboard pants and jacket. In fact Utah has a special month for ski and snowboarding which is January. You can get great deals for beginners on that month. When you purchase a lift ticket you get a free class and free rent which includes the snowboard, the boots, and bindings.
The best days to go snowboarding are the days following a snow storm. The reason is because there is a lot of snow; it is fresh and loose. If you have a camera, take it and ask your friend to record you. There are great views, which will turn into great pictures. After coming back from a...

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