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Smoke Free Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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Smoke Free Healthy Lifestyle

Smoking is the most preventable cause of death in America. Smoking can damage your body and nearly every organ in it. These organs include, the heart, blood vessels, lungs, mouth, bones, organs, etc. The smoke from tobacco has many chemicals that are harmful to your heart and blood cells. These chemicals damage the function and structure of your heart. Smoking is a major risk of heart disease. Damages to your heart can lead to the increased risk of getting heart diseases such as atherosclerosis. This disease causes the buildup of plaque in your arteries and hardens over time which limits the flow of oxygen rich blood to your organ and other body parts. Another disease smoking causes is coronary heart ...view middle of the document...

Other risks of smoking include, high blood pressure, decrease in good cholesterol, raises bad cholesterol, disturbs heart's rhythm, and cause inflammation. The best way to increase heart health is to quit smoking. Quitting smoking will decrease risks associated with heart disease over time and also reduces death from heart disease by one-third. People who smoke and already have a heart disease can reduce their risks of sudden cardiac death. Quitting can be hard since there are symptoms of withdrawal and relapse, but the benefits are worth it. Next to quitting smoking, living a heart healthy lifestyle is important. Following a healthy diet with a variety of fruit and vegetables that can help increase heart health. A healthy diet should include whole grains, low fat dairy products, and proteins such as, lean meats, eggs, nuts, seafood, etc. Also choose and prepare foods with little sodium. Maintaining a healthy weight and being physically active is also important in living a heart healthy lifestyle. Since being overweight can increase risk of heart disease, having a healthy balance of calories in and out is important. Physical activity also is part of a heart healthy lifestyle. Physical activity is good for your heart and can lower your risk for health problems. At least 30 minutes of exercise a day can help increase heart health. In conclusion smoking can increase your risks and even cause heart diseases and other problems. Quitting smoking is the best way to help increase your heart health and also living a heart healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy diet with lots of exercise can help reduce risk and also help increase heart health.

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