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Smartphones And Travel Essay

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Smartphones have changed the way we travel both abroad and locally. Before modern smartphones were available, individuals would have to rely on payphones (if they were even available at their destinations) in order to communicate with their companies, and had almost no way to send documents (until faxes, which do not hold the same quality as scanning and emailing) or attend meetings while on the move. From the creation of the smartphone that started the major smartphone movement (BlackBerry) to today’s phones, there are many ways that working professionals can utilize the now almost invaluable piece of technology in their pockets.
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Using smartphones has allowed working professionals to maintain contact with their organizations in hard to reach areas or even while traveling. If the person traveling has an email they need to forward, or a pdf report that they need to send but are stuck in transit, they can easily send a message in less time than it takes most computers to boot up. Using services such as 4G and LTE networks can now allow these same individuals to access services such as Skype in order to video conference if needed. Having access to these services and apps also keeps individuals connected to information that they may find extremely useful for their destinations.
Research is key to choosing a location, picking a hotel, and figuring out where you should visit. One of the best ways to get good information is to read the insight provided by others. This is where social media can play a vital role in getting the best information possible.” (Ben Parr, Mashable, 2009)
Social media can prove to be an invaluable source of information (especially from locals) when traveling to new and foreign areas. Social media is not the only media that can be useful, there is also the regular news media which can prove lifesaving if traveling to areas where conflicts are occurring. Having all this information at their fingertips is not useful to the organization if individuals are too stressed to do their job functions properly. “Relaxation may be beneficial for phobias such as agoraphobia (fear of crowds), panic disorder, work related stress, and anxiety due to serious illnesses.” (WELLNESS®, 2014, Par 3) Smartphones have evolved into something more than a medium for communication and information. From launching birds at piggies, to racing through the streets of Dubai, shooting bad guys in faraway lands, there are games that can help users unwind and forget the stresses that are afflicting them at the moment. Games are not the only things available on smartphones, now there are movies, shows, music, and even apps to help you alter someone's mood. These devices are now proving to be an invaluable necessity for both businesses and the people who work...

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