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We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards University Kuala Lumpur Institute of Marine Engineering Technology, for providing us with the opportunity to prepare this business plan and also for guiding us throughout the project. We are also thankful to Encik to Abdul Ghafar Bin Othman, lecturer of Technopreneurship for helping us conduct the research. We would like to acknowledge his valuable guidance and support that motivated us to contribute tremendously to this report. The success of this business plan also depends on the encouragement and guidelines of many others. So, we would take this opportunity to thank all of them who have helped us through this ...view middle of the document...

Our vision is by 2020, this high technology invention of Touch screen table will be the highest demand in the restaurant businesses industry in order to give the best services to their customers. Our business is providing innovation technology of touch screen table to the restaurant business in order to make order efficiency and timeliness. The touch screen table is innovation technology from common table and it is transform and install with high technology. The value add proposition is the touch screen table that have been innovate in order to give satisfaction to their customer in term of ordering food in the restaurant.

By this innovation technology, we come out with the solution to solve their problems which has to wait for period of time to make an order in the restaurant. As we know, they are busy and rushing hence we ease them to get their meals by providing this innovation on touch screen table. The innovation of the table are really functional and convenience to customer in term of ordering food in the restaurant. It is win-win situation where our restaurant’s customers meet their satisfaction while our company gain profit and demand from the dealer/ owner of the restaurant on our innovation touch screen table.

Our market segments are the owners of the restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Our customer group is consists of geographic group as the product we produce is touch screen table and it is more specific to the restaurant. The segment consist at least two restaurants per day that will be interested to use our Touch screen table technology. We estimate potential sales for a day is $5000 (per table) x 6 (table) x 2 (estimate restaurant a day) = $60, 000. For a month (30days), we estimate to get at least $1, 800,000 per months by selling our product. Our strengths are we are the only one that provided this technology in restaurant around Kuala Lumpur area. We also have employee that specialized in the field of IT, electrical, electronics and design. For our opportunities, we use social media and website to build brand name and gain new customers. For example, we use television, Instagram and Facebook to provide information of our technology. We also use our official website to spread our technology.

The most important factor that affect average cost in the operations of the company are the number of table produce by month, the cost of materials and the manager in charge of production. The fixed cost factor is the cost per unit and the process of the product. This summary will conclude the briefly of the cost of product per unit and the process of the product. Cost of materials for product per unit is calculated by three parts, first is the direct material cost, second the direct labor cost and the last is cost of overhead. Our materials cost per unit is $3, 967 per unit or $79, 340 (20units x $3, 967.00/unit) per month. While, the direct cost of labour is consist of maintenance worker and programmer worker. Rate for...

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