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Small Business Management Essay

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Variables1, in statistics, are any characteristic that varies with the members of the population. For example, Dr. Blackbeard’s Stat 101 class had a test and the results are in and not all had an equal score. Some score higher than others, and some scored lower. Thus, the test scores are considered a variable which in this case is a whole number between 0-25. Another variable is the amount of time the students took to study for the test. In this case, the variable varies between a second, minute, hour, or maybe even a tenth of a second. So, variables can differ depending on the situation or the information which is given. Now two types of numerical variables2 are discrete and continuous. ...view middle of the document...

It can be either vertically or horizontally. But be careful when you read a bar graph; they can be very misleading.
Another useful graph is a pie chart6; it’s mostly used when the number of categories is small. In a pie chart, the “pie” represents the entire population (100%), and the “slices” represent the categories7, with the size (angle) of each slice being proportional to the relative frequency of the corresponding category. Some relative frequencies, such as 50% and 75%, are easy to draw, but how do we draw the others like 35.6% or 27% accurately? Since 100% equals 360othen 360o/100=3.6o. It follows that the frequency 32.47% is given by 32.47*3.6o=117 (round to the nearest degree if needed). The general rule for drawing a pie chart is that the slice representing x% is given by an angle of (3.6)x degrees.

Although the distinction between quantitative and qualitative is important, it is very useful to distinguish the way you want to display your data information. Let’s say the number of categories is around the dozens, both a pictogram and pie chart will be messy with the display of numbers you have. The best way to do this is by class intervals8. For example, there are three sections to the SAT: math, English, and writing. In 2007 there were 1,494,531 college-bound seniors who toke the SAT each with a score between the minimum of 200 to the maximum of 800 for the math section. Now there is around 61 different numbers between 200 and 800. The best way is to set up a chart in grouping the numbers together. By the general rule of thumb, the number of class intervals should be somewhere between 2 and 20.So the scores would be set up along thing lines of 200-249, 250-399,…700-749, 750-800.
The process of converting test score to grades requires the set up of class intervals. Using the grading scales (A=90-100%, B=80-89%, C=70-79%, D=60-69%, F=0-59%) is one standard approach to use as an absolute grading scale where the class intervals are of (almost) equal length except for F. Another approach is to use a relative grading scale. The professor fits class intervals for the grades to the performance of the class in the test; also known as “grading on the curve”. After looking at the overall class performance, Dr. Blackbeard decides to “curve” the test scores to...

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