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Slavery Essay

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Slavery is thought of as a practice of the past but enslaving human beings as property still exists. There are approximately thirty million people in the world right now that are victims of slavery. Children are forced to work as laborers, prostitutes, child soldiers, etc. against their will and are paid very little of nothing. They cannot simply walk away, they have lost all control of their lives and are being exploited and traumatized in terrible ways. Trafficking victims are often tricked into slavery through promises of work. Human traffickers tend to prey on impoverished people who live in countries with little access to ...view middle of the document...

The use of irony in the ‘Guilt Free!’ statement made on the advertisement is tremendous. Its purpose is to make the reader feel guilty as how can you call a child illiterate when they haven’t had a chance to get an education. Everybody wants a stress free life, which is why it sounds compelling when it reads ‘go on… stress less! Because life’s too short to do anything yourself’. It really sheds a light on how some people are so heartless, they use slavery as an excuse to live a better life. Imagine being someones slave as the only option to stay alive and have access to basic necessities of life. Most slaves cannot walk away from this life because they are threatened or abused, some even feel obligated to pay off their illegal debt and a sense of loyalty to their abuser which may be because of brainwashing or traumatic bonding.

Even though slavery affects about 30 million lives in the world right now, civilized people find it almost incomprehensible that anyone could have found any justification to defend such an inherently evil institution. Slavery is defended vigorously by mainstream politicians who believe that free men should have the right to choose to own slaves if their community allows it. Some pro-slavery cases are for example, very poor parents in Haiti today sometimes sell their kids into slavery, expecting such kids to at least be fed, given that they are poor this seems a good option to have (Hanson, 2009). If someone really wanted to help these families they...

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