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Slavery By Another Name Essay

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Slavery by another name and modern context
Slavery by another name is a documentary by Douglas A. Blackmon in which the American slave history has been narrated. In the video, it has narrated that freedom is one of the keen and basic rights of every human being. The American history has a dark period in which to be a black person is a crime. Firstly African Americans were enslaved by the white people in the start of the eighteenth century and a tiny amount of elite white people enslaved almost 4 million slaves and they are punished and lynched in the Alabama state. As the resolution passed, black people were given freedom and in 1870 they were awarded with equal citizenship and given by the ...view middle of the document...

Still, black people are not considered for good posts and chances of white people to be awarded are much higher than black people. Some white people still have a hate for black people in their hearts and do want to see them equal or superior to them. Black people usually did not get the same status is some states as white men have. Convict leasing system as narrated in the video ended a long time ago, but modern criminal justice system still have the roots of the convict leasing system as if we have a look of the arrested people ratio in the US, so it is evident that black people ratio is higher than white people and it is 7:1 ratio. White people also commit crimes, but they are not arrested while strength of black people is higher in crimes. According to a survey, LAPD shooting criminal ratio is 22:1. Mostly black persons are the victims of the shooting and considered responsible for major crimes including drugs business. Black people usually considered as the source of the drugs business and a lot of arrests are made. If we have a look at the court decisions, black people have usually given more severe penalties and punishments and the number of black people in jails is much higher than the white people. Media is also one of the keen source, which considered black persons, a source of crimes and usually don’t show the white people false activities. Police also don’t perform their duties fairly and mostly considered black people involved in the illegal...

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