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Skeleton Essay

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Chapter 6: Skeletal System: Bones and Bone Tissue

Multiple Choice

1. Important functions of the skeletal system include
A) protection of the brain and soft organs.
B) storage of water.
C) production of Vitamin E.
D) regulation of acid-base balance.
E) integration of other systems.
Answer: a
Level: 1

2. A band of connective tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone is a(n)
A) aponeurosis.
B) ligament.
C) bursa.
D) epimysium.
E) tendon.
Answer: e
Level: 1

3. Ligaments attach
A) muscle to muscle.
B) bone to bone.
C) muscle to bone.
D) nerve to bone.
E) nerve to muscle.
Answer: b
Level: 1

4. Chondroblasts produce
A) ligaments.
B) cartilage matrix.
C) ...view middle of the document...

B) new chondrocytes and new matrix are added on the outside of the tissue.
C) osteoblasts replace the chondroblasts.
D) the tissue becomes vascularized in order to grow.
E) the cartilage is replaced with another kind of connective tissue.
Answer: b
Level: 2

11. Which of the following is correctly matched?
A) short bone - carpal bone
B) long bone - vertebra
C) irregular bone - femur
D) flat bone - phalanges of the toes
E) short bone - humerus
Answer: a
Level: 2

12. An example of a long bone would be
A) the sternum.
B) a rib.
C) a carpal bone.
D) the tibia.
E) the clavicle.
Answer: d
Level: 1

13. An X-ray determines that Peter fractured the shaft of his humerus. The break is in the _____________ of the bone.
A) epiphysis
B) epiphyseal line
C) diaphysis
D) growth plate
E) articular surface
Answer: c
Level: 1

14. Which of the following membranes covers the surface of a mature bone?
A) perimysium
B) perichondrium
C) peritendineum
D) peritoneum
E) periosteum
Answer: e
Level: 1

15. A bone is considered to be a (an)
A) cell.
B) tissue.
C) organ.
D) system.
E) organism.
Answer: c
Level: 2

16. The medullary cavity is
A) empty in adult bones.
B) the site where osteoblasts are found.
C) lined with an endosteum.
D) filled with fibrocartilage and elastin fibers.
E) dead space in the bone.
Answer: c
Level: 1

17. Collagen and calcium hydroxyapatite are the primary constituents of
A) bone matrix.
B) hyaline cartilage.
C) fibrous cartilage.
D) ligaments.
E) blood.
Answer: a
Level: 1

18. The compression (weight-bearing) strength of bone matrix is due to the presence of
A) elastin fibers.
B) collagenase.
C) hydroxyapatite crystals.
D) collagen fibers.
E) bone marrow.
Answer: c
Level: 1

19. The proportion of collagen to hydroxyapatite in bone determines the
A) thickness of the bone.
B) length of the bone.
C) strength of the bone.
D) ability of the bone to heal.
E) growth rate of bone.
Answer: c
Level: 2

20. The cell type that is responsible for maintaining bone once it has been formed is the
A) osteoclast.
B) osteoblast.
C) chondrocyte.
D) osteocyte.
E) chondroblast.
Answer: d
Level: 1

21. Which of the following cell types is responsible for breaking down bone matrix?
A) chondroclast
B) osteoclast
C) chondroblast
D) fibroblast
E) osteocyte
Answer: b
Level: 1

22. The primary function of osteoblasts is to
A) prevent osteocytes from forming.
B) resorb bone along the epiphyseal plate.
C) inhibit the growth of bone.
D) stimulate bone growth.
E) lay down bone matrix.
Answer: e
Level: 1

23. Osteoblasts involved in bone growth in length come primarily from
A) chondrocytes.
B) endothelium of blood vessels.
C) osteocytes.
D) periosteum.
E) connective tissue surrounding blood vessels from the endosteum.
Answer: e
Level: 2

24. Which of the following is correctly matched?
A) osteocytes - function in bone remodeling
B) osteoclasts –...

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