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Six Images Of Managing Change Essay

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sunny ghimire and Rahul maharjan
[Company name]  [Company address]
The project report plan
sunny ghimire and Rahul maharjan
[Company name]  [Company address]
The project report plan

Scope and constraints

Scope of report
The project scope of this report is to modify and bring change on the web and email based system which will help the organization to centralized the information and data and reduce the operational cost but keeping the productivity and the quality of work intact.

The main objective is Database management for the data quality and usefulness. To improve Zephyr databases, by including ...view middle of the document...

Project Management Overview

Statement of work
* Task 1 - To identify all the flaws on the current system.
* Task 2 - To prepare plan for the improved system.
* Task 3 – To implement plans prepared in Task 2.

Project Team

Sunny Ghimire.
Rahul Maharajan.


Risk management

Depending upon the severity of the risk, risks can be dealt in three ways:

Avoid: Those risks that can be controlled form their occurrence fall under this category .For examples risks that are related to loss of data and information can be avoided by keeping the backup or storing in the cloud like Google drive or the Sky Drive and any other things. Proper steps should be taken so that the occurrence of the risk is almost zero.

Mitigate: Mitigation of the risk mean compromising in some factors when the risk is almost at the process of occurrence. This involves the steps to prevent more damage the incident can make on the progress of the project.

Accept: Some risk that are uncontrolled or have been out of control or the situation have gone such worst that the risk is already occurred or is almost sure that it will occur in those case there is no other option than accepting the risk and making the continuity plan.

Before dealing with the above steps first of all the risk has to be listed out and the likelihood of occurrence and the effect that will be making on the project should be figured out in form of risk assessment matrix.

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