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Keisha Rubaine
November 1, 2011
Professor Patrick Hart

Sir Robert Peel Paper

The American policing and history goes back many century’s which revolves around the nine principles created by Sir Robert Peel. Police work is a very hard and dangerous job, however it started as just the ordinary individual with no experience walking around protecting a block or particular area with a torch and notepad to keep track of incidents. And now requiring police officers to wear ...view middle of the document...

Throughout this paper I will elaborate on the impact of Sir Robert Peel on American policing and its history.

Briefly describing Peels nine principles will give a better understanding of what he was trying to accomplish when he created them. The first principle was for police to prevent crime and disorder. Second, was for them to perform their duties which are dependent upon public approval and their actions. Third, is to secure the willing cooperation of the public to obey the law which will gain the respect of the public. Next, the degree of cooperation declines by the public with the use of force. Fifth, the police secure public favor not by catering to the public opinion but by demonstrating impartial service to the law. Sixth, Police not use force against the public unless they have exhausted all means to maintain compliance. Seventh,

Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850) updated England's criminal code. Sir Robert Peel pushed through the legislation an act called the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829, thus able to accomplish his dream of creating a police forceDefinition of police
Metropolitan police act

Schmallager, F. (2009). Criminal Justice Today, 10th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ. Pearson/Prentice Hall, chapter 13


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