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Single Parenting Essay

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Primary Prevention: Single Parenthood
Week 6 Individual Work
Charryse Mason
University of Phoenix
HSM/210 Human Services in the United States
April 22, 2014

Primary Prevention: Single Parenthood
State and federal prevention programs direct their resources based on the level of prevention. This three-tiered system includes primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention. To address the issue of single parenting, primary prevention was chosen.
The goal of primary prevention is to aid in minimizing the occurrence of single parenting, promoting awareness and recommending positive coping techniques. The text states that “Primary Prevention involves building ...view middle of the document...

Single parents have to worry about being able to provide for their children financially, emotionally, and physically and any other necessities that a child needs Also, negative stigma may arise. People talk down on single parents simply because it is not a part of the normal American life. Single parenting have become a notable and permanent feature of family life in the United States.(Bumbass, Larry)Back in the days there were nothing but two parent homes and now single parenting is taking over. Every situation is different so you may never know the reason for the parent being a single one. For example, I became a single parent when my son’s father died. In this situation I had no choice but to step up and do what I could do to provide for him. I have known others to become single parents because their relationships/marriage was not working and some just prefer it to be that way.
Obstacles to Implementation
My plan to help single parents would be to encourage them to never give up. Offer them options for the programs and places that can and will help them with being a single parent. I can give them pamphlets to read and help them understand that being a single parent is a hard task but is well worth it.

Programs and Services
There are services that can help a single parent. I have known many people who are single parent to not have their education. There are plenty who do not have a high-school diploma and do not know where he or she can get it from. There are programs who offer GED classes to help them better themselves. There are places who offer parenting classes. There is one place that...

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