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Single Mothers In Our Society Essay

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Ashley Viera
Professor Vajezatha
February 27, 2016
“Single Mothers and Our Society”
Growing up in an environment where we have to grow up with limited expectations, makes us think mediocrely and make our lives unsuccessful. We can’t let our surroundings determine our abilities. Reading and analyzing “How Single Motherhood Hurts Kids” by Kay S. Hymowitz I noticed that she made a very clear argument on how being single mothers brings inequality and poverty to our society. This lead to how I can analyze single mothers through sociological imagination. Single mothers in fact are being vigorously expanded by the help of governments support. Single mothers in the United States ...view middle of the document...

Functionalist and conflict theoretical perspective takes place since its confuses the way they feel and how their education with grow. When raising your child as a single mother one-third of a chance is most likely for him or her to have a step sibling and that’s how they grow up with huge turn overs. This a huge problem in our society because children aren’t at fault for the actions of their parents not wanting to raise them. We all assume when a woman is a single mother it’s because “she’s a hoe” or “she wasn’t able to hold her boyfriend down”. When in reality it’s because she was just left with a package with ripped promises. This is also a conflict because the mother has to both sides of the job as a mother and father and sometime can’t pay much attention to their own child and focus much on being happy themselves.
An early social thinker like “George Simmel” measures in sizes as in group and in this case the social group would be a society of “Single Mother”. George also relies on interactional patterns depending group which is the communities we live in and the people we are around. This has increased as a group of women that have to do both jobs because they mate with men that...

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