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Simple To Complex Essay

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Simplicity to Complexity
Sundown Bakery, a bakery operation with two individuals: The individuals have the same goal and the operation is quite simple. The operation consists of one shop to sell baked goods, a bakery section, and ordering supplies. Communication between the owners is very informal.
Companies have two networks of communication: formal, and informal. Formal communication, typically from top management down, conveys operation requirement such as policy, schedules, procedures, coordination, and is one-way. Informal communication takes place when information is interactive, happening (occurring in the now), and provides feedback. Sundown Bakery’s informal ...view middle of the document...

Channel of Delivery
Direct distribution is one way to pass information; however, this manner does lose some if the effect. According to Adler and Elmhorts (2010) written communication works best…when feedback is not wanted (p.29, para 2). The management of Sundown may have chosen different channels: 1) Telephone, 2) email, 3) video/teleconferencing, or 4) Face-to-face.
Written communication was the correct method; however, a face-to-face, with the owners, preceding the written would have been better suited for Sundown.
Growing Pains
Growing pains from growth occur for several reasons: 1) cash flow issues, 2), change in goals 3) change in management, or 4) change in communication networks. Formal and informal communication will contribute to growing pains within a company. Small companies that use informal methods of communication often have a greater trust of employees. When companies as Sundown Bakery transition to a formal method, employees feel isolated and left out. As with Sundown, the owners hired an operations manager with a large corporate background. The operations managers’ technique of communication was formal, this contributed to the crisis of the Old-time employees of the bakery.
Relationship Improvement
The management and employee relationship at Sundown has changed from friendly and involved to resentful and in a crisis mode due to the changes in operations and the communication network. The single most improvement of any communication network is to allow for feedback. Berger (2008) points out, “ongoing two-way communication is the foundation for employee motivation and organizational success” (para. 84).
Sundown began as a small “mom and pop” company on the corner. The employees were involved and had a high degree of job satisfaction. Power distribution was virtually nonexistent: The only distance between the owners and the employees was the distance across the floor. Even though Sundown Bakery was one big family, the degree of structure was solid – the bakers baked the products and the...

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